About Us

Malaysia, strategically located in the dynamic Asia Pacific Region, is poised to become a developed nation by the year 2020. Rich in natural resources and coupled with all the vital qualities of peace, progress and prosperity, it is a country receptive to enormous commercial opportunities. Business dealings in the region require a special expertise. It demands an understanding and sensitivity to local customs, traditions and trading patterns that only experience and intimate knowledge can bring.

We have that experience and knowledge.

Pan Sarawak was founded by Tan Sri Dato Sri Tai Sing Chii whose bold vision, hard work, determination and perseverance transformed the humble hardware store in Sibu, Sarawak into a successful, sustainable, diversified and respected business group and community icon with over 30 subsidiaries and associate companies in all the major cities and towns in Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei.

2010 Pansar Berhad (www.pansar.com.my), a subsidiary of Pan Sarawak Group debuted on the main market listing. PANSAR is a trading and engineering company with a strong fifty-year track record centered on established world-renowned brands and backed by people with strong values, diverse experience and proven expertise.

The total solutions philosophy extends throughout all Pan Sarawak business activities; from building, marine & industrial, wood engineering supplies, electrical & office automation to civil engineering and construction, mechanical & electrical services, manufacturing, IT, shipping and insurance.

‘It is this combination of superlative products, total dedication to service, and intimacy to our customers that has enabled us to serve you. EVERYDAY.’